If there is one thing many of us have in common, it is that we are super busy. Life doesn’t stop and neither do we to simply take a breath. I’m writing this blog but I have so many other things to do right now. I’m in the process of starting a publishing company, a jewelry line, writing a new book and going back to school. Whew, I ‘m tired just thinking about it all. But as much as I need to be working on my daily goals, tasks and projects, I know that I must take a moment to connect.

For me it has become my first appointment of the day to have some quiet time. I get up a few minutes before I wake up my son and I connect to The Source. Sometimes after I drop him off at school, I will drive by the lake for a quiet connecting moment. Why connect? Because our lives can be all over the place, fragmented. And we must make the time to integrate and become whole again. I can be a better me when I’m whole. I can give more, do more and be present for my loved ones when I  am integrated.

We owe it to ourselves. It’s actually a matter of sanity and remaining conscious. So steal away for a moment. Take some time, make some time and connect…even if it’s in a rest room stall.

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